The Wilderness of Voyageurs

30 thoughts on “The Wilderness of Voyageurs”

  1. Welcome to my blog, Tom. And thanks for sharing some of your magnificent photographs.
    I am originally from Michigan and still marvel at its beauty, especially its coastlines, even though I now live in Vermont, also very beautiful.

    In losing yourself in the wilderness, may you also find your deepest self.



  2. Great post! I’m very envious of your research. I almost moved to canada to study wolves for my phd but decided to take the medical route instead of environmental. Definitely still something I think about. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your comment…I am glad our paths crossed. I do enjoy studying wolves but enjoy being outside even more. Their is a freedom in spending most days wandering through the forest.

  3. Thank you for this peaceful post. I love the picture of the wolf and of the wild forest where the forest floor is filled with healthy ferns.
    Most I love your saying ” That is what Voyageurs is to me – a place of wilderness, a place to get lost, a place of quiet, peace, and solitude. In the truest sense, my soul feels rested and quiet when wandering through the woods of the park.”

    That is the biggest bonus of all that nature gives us.

  4. Ever since I read a Farley Mowatt book wolves have intrigued me. I love your picture of the wolf. Your life in the wilderness must be to you an enormous gift you will savor for years to come.

  5. Beautifully written and reminiscent of how I would like to feel if I had access to the wilderness.

    Even so, living in an inner urban area of Melbourne, Australia, I have the good fortune to live right next to parkland and a nature reserve, so in a very minor way, I can experience the peace and stillness when the only sounds are the bird calls.

    Many city dwellers are so busy rushing from A to B, they never stop to even appreciate the greenery and nature sounds right on their doorstep.

  6. Awesome post Tom. What a great opportunity to really enjoy nature. When I was a State Park Chief Ranger, I had much different experiences than you. Most of my work was in historical interpretation from the early 1600s to the early 1900s.\, though I did do some natural history programs. Every chance I could get, I would take off for an adventure to the countryside, mountains or even the secluded seashores where I could restore my soul with the beauty that was before me. Nothing is so peaceful as feeling a part of the scenery … no noisy cars, people or gadgets to clog and weigh your spirit down. Your blog reminds me of all of those times. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Gorgeous country. We used to vacation at Gunflint Lake every summer (BWCA north of Grand Marais MN). Portaging and paddling a new lake every day …. ah fond memories. Thanks for the reminder of how wild and beautiful northern Minnesota is.

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