Beginning of Winter

29 thoughts on “Beginning of Winter”

  1. The last photo is intriguing — most all is white but! there are those conifers sticking out all green. Hmm. Was there low level fog and freezing temps to produce hoar frost so that the bottoms are white but not the tops? This would be a puzzle-lover’s nightmare. 🙂

  2. Awesome pix as always.
    Is it okay if I don’t feel too bad for you, “stuck” in an internet-free cabin in Northern Minnesota?
    (Eyes wandering to the 1,000-mile stare…)

    Seek peace,


  3. Thanks for the information on beaver. We have seen an increase in our beaver population in my urban neighborhood (I live near two rivers; one of the rivers is very natural looking… lots of trees, shrubs, etc. where the beaver live). We are starting to cage in the new native tree and shrub plantings we have recently done to protect from both beaver and deer. Just added new habitat plants for black crowned herons which are new neighbors to my neighborhood (they’re not natives in this area of Ohio but a welcomed new species). Love the snow pictures. I think it would be great to be in the Boundary Waters area in the winter time. All one has to do is layer up and carry essentials when venturing out in that area during the winter. Hoping for snow here this winter. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  4. Gorgeous photos, as always Thomas! Winter in Minnesota is so lovely. We had some beautiful snow here in the Twin Cities the other day, but it has since melted. Which is fine, there’s just something wrong about snow while there are still leaves on the trees. 😉

  5. Beautiful!! We are thinking about doing some winter camping in the Boundary Waters. Wellll….maybe!!
    Somehow I think complaining about the mosquitoes in the summer may still be preferable to winter camping in the BWCA😊

    1. Having done some winter camping in the BWCA I must say it is pretty fun depending on how cold it actually gets haha. Sometime serene about walking up on the edge of a quiet frozen lake!

      1. I thinks thats what Im already craving. No sun November in the cities is already starting to get old. We’ll see come January and the timebecomes a reality if I actually agree to go. 😊

  6. Cool photos! I saw that the northwest had their first snowfall. We are waiting for it in the northeast but no sign of it yet. In the meantime I’ll get my snow tires on and help stack wood for the stove. It will come.

  7. I know nothing about beavers, except that I could identify one. So, I have a couple of questions. In the next to last photo, is that a beaver lodge sticking up in the middle of the water? And are those “pathways” of clear water extending to the shore where beavers have been traveling to land?

    In any event, all of the photos are delightful. What an opportunity.

    1. Yep, that is a beaver lodge in the pond. The pile of sticks in the water just to the left of the lodge is called a “food cache”. Beavers cut trees all fall and store them in this food cache so that during the winter they have food to eat. The areas without ice are indeed channels where the beavers have been traveling. Beavers will continue to go on land and cut trees until they are completely locked in under the ice. Hope that answers your questions! : )

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