The Wilderness of Voyageurs

The Wilderness of Voyageurs As many of you may know, I have spent the past 3-4 years studying wolves in Voyageurs National Park in northern Minnesota. Undoubtedly, studying wolves is fascinating. However, what I really enjoy about Voyageurs is the seemingly endless wilderness there. Recently, I wrote an article titled “The Wilderness of Voyageurs and … Continue reading The Wilderness of Voyageurs

Beginning of Winter

Beginning of Winter Once again, I apologize for not posting in several weeks. I have been up in Northern Minnesota flying aerial beaver population surveys for the wildlife research that I do. As a result, I was staying in a cabin where I had poor access to the internet. However, on a positive note I … Continue reading Beginning of Winter

From the Air

From the Air Beavers are extremely important parts of the ecosystem in the boreal forest. As many know, beavers cut trees to then dam up large streams and create ponds. In the fall beavers are particularly busy working on getting enough food for the upcoming winter. When one gets up in the air over the … Continue reading From the Air