Sleepy Murmurs of the Forest

27 thoughts on “Sleepy Murmurs of the Forest”

  1. Gorgeous pics. And a great quote from a great book (which my eight year old nephew is currently reading and loving) 🙂

  2. What beautiful photos of a wolf. I remember being out at Yellowstone National Park walking the Old Faithful Geyser Basin around sunset and hearing wolves calling in the distance. It was a beautiful, but lonesome sound. It really made the sunset seem really alive as the sky faded into soft oranges, pinks and purples to the final dark blue. Thanks for sharing.

  3. How far away did you have to be to get those photos? What kind of wolf is it? Great shots.
    I love wolves.

  4. Lovely photos! Memories of Call of the Wild, one of the books that my father recommended to me when I was quite young. Such books, I believe, are instrumental in shaping the way one sees the world.

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