Eternal Fall

31 thoughts on “Eternal Fall”

  1. As a displaced New Englander I ought to get homesick looking at these beautiful fall pictures. When I was young(er) I would have. But here in Florida we have just survived the hot summer and are launched into our longest, most glorious, season, so I’ll enjoy your photos but stay put… for now.

  2. These colors would not be as special to us if they were “everyday”.
    Like so many things, rarity increases our perceived value.
    Anyways, some great pix of a breathtaking sight.

    Seek peace,


  3. Truly stunning colors. The golden yellow really makes a bold statement. Fall is a really remarkable season, maybe that is why it is my favorite season. Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving, Tom.

  4. “Why can’t every day be like this one?” I have asked and thought about that question many, many times sitting by the lake in northern Minnesota.

    Then I realize that every day is like this one, filled with never to be repeated beauty. I only need to pause and notice. But I am just too busy.

    1. Tom, I could not agree more. Every day really is unique and the beauty is all around us. Your comment reminds me a lot of some of the ideas in “Pilgrim at Tinker Creek” by Annie Dillard. Anyway, thnks much for stopping by.

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