Viewed With Wonder

11 thoughts on “Viewed With Wonder”

    1. Look again, Seenorway, the cloud positioning is just slightly different as well as slightly more intense coloring in the top picture. I like that one the best 🙂
      Good to meet you here, have a great day !

  1. Gorgeous sunset and beautifully captured.

    Glad you posted today so I can re-follow – I lost all the blogs I follow in a ‘brain hiccup” 🙂

  2. Love these pictures. Although I didn’t get to see a sunset on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I did get to see the awesome panoramic view at Sharp Top Trail’s viewing area which is 1,500 feet in elevation above the Peaks of Otter area. There were bleeding hearts, spiderworts, rhododendrons and mountain laurel blooming near the viewing area. Every chance I get to do this trail, I seem to another unique site. Last November, I saw deer on the side of the trail.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures Tom.

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