Warmth It has been a long winter in the Northwoods this year. The temperatures have been cool for the duration of the spring and the lakes are locked in with ice. Some reports suggest lakes in northern Minnesota have 50″ of ice on them still. Yesterday in Minnesota we were pounded with another blizzard dropping … Continue reading Warmth

The Forest

The Forest After having been away for a while, I wanted to share an assortment of photographs I have taken over the past few years that show the many aspects of the wilderness of the northwoods. The forest here takes on many shapes, colors, and forms which is part of the reason I enjoy roaming … Continue reading The Forest

Beginning of Winter

Beginning of Winter Once again, I apologize for not posting in several weeks. I have been up in Northern Minnesota flying aerial beaver population surveys for the wildlife research that I do. As a result, I was staying in a cabin where I had poor access to the internet. However, on a positive note I … Continue reading Beginning of Winter