Storm Over the Beaver Pond

16 thoughts on “Storm Over the Beaver Pond”

  1. Stunning photos. I share your site … again… on facebook. Like everything you post and making sure I post photos with ” ©Tom Gable, Naturalist Photographer” It’s important people do that.

  2. Storms can bring many wonders. The changing colors of the sky. The way the lightning flashes and its patterns. Even the thunder has a spirit of its own. Sometimes it is a quick loud boom. Other times it is a rolling sound. It is interesting to hear thunder in an area where it echoes. When I was recently camping in the Blue Ridge, it was thundering the last night I was camping. It was like having a symphony playing in the distance. Luckily I only experienced rain and my tent was a little sheltered, so instead of having a totally soaked tent to pack up, it was only a little wet.

  3. I love the stillness of beaver ponds, dammed so it creates a perfect, serene neighborhood for their families. I think they are one of the few creatures who create an entire setting for themselves, and I admire that.

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