Eternal Fall

Eternal Fall Because I was quite busy this fall, I did not get around to sharing some photographs I took this fall in the Northwoods. As always, the fall is a splendid time to be out in the woods and on the water as the aspens, oaks, and maples create a lovely setting. I took … Continue reading Eternal Fall

The Creek

The Creek “It has always been a happy thought to me that the creek runs on all night, new every minute, whether I wish it or know it or care, as a closed book on a shelf continues to whisper to itself its own inexhaustible tale.” -Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek Continue reading The Creek

The Morning Mist

The Morning Mist “Silently the morning mist is lying on the water, captive moonlight waiting for the dawn. Softly like a baby’s breath, a breeze begins to whisper. The sun is coming quick it must be dawn. Smiling like a superstar the morning comes in singing, the promise of another sunny day. And all the … Continue reading The Morning Mist