The Morning Mist

16 thoughts on “The Morning Mist”

  1. On a side note: It’s funny how your pics of Canada look so much like a mix of Scotland and Finland. No wonder you have a lot of both people living there. Your header pic could be from Scotland and the mist ones could be from Finland. Amazing. If I ever have the money, I make sure I’ll spend it on a trip to Canada.

  2. So pretty. And I agree with the first comment, it makes me wanna rise up early as well. I should do. There’s plenty of mist here in Scotland 🙂 I will make it my mission to walk to our wee loch in the wee hours of the dawn on my next day off. Your pics make me all happy inside 😉

  3. Great shots, Tom. They’re all wonderful, but I like the first one best. The two birds in the sky makes me think of Korea. I lived there a long time. Koreans often place two birds, ducks usually, in paintings to symbolize relationships. They give newlyweds a pair of “marriage ducks”. The couple can communicate on how their marriage is going by the way the ducks are place in relation to each other. Anyway, it’s a beautiful photo. Thanks.

  4. What a delightful sequence. Finding the tiny grebe (?) in the last photo was a perfect, smile-producing touch. I think I’d name it “Summer.”

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