My Intention

273 thoughts on “My Intention”

  1. Your photos are absolutely lovely! I love the one with this page. Thank you so much for the follow! I hope my work lives up to your expectations.
    -Author S

  2. Wow! The colors are amazing! so deep and rich! You really have an eye and a talent for capturing beautiful places. Thank you for visiting and following DailyBiblePrayer. May you continue to see and share the Creator through the lens of His Creation. And be blessed with encouragement, direction, and protection. May God build and strengthen your faith whether you are praying Apple or Potato prayers. Welcome!

  3. Truly amazing photos, and I love the concept! I am just tuning in for the first time, and look forward to perusing your blog further. Thank you for following scatterednotebooks, which allowed me to find you.

  4. Wow! Only seen a few of your posts, and I am in awe! I know I will enjoy following your travels and viewing your shared photos. Thank you for stopping by and following my journeys as well!

  5. Tom, great to meet you and I cannot help but think that we share such similar philosophies. Out of interest where are you based in the US / Canada? Thank you so much for the follow, you are warmly welcomed aboard my humble space in the blogosphere. I look forward to seeing your own adventures unfurl, MMπŸ€

    1. Thanks much for the comment! I am primarily based out of northern Minnesota and the UP of Michigan but have spent a considerable amount of time in Ontario where my family owns a cabin!

  6. Hey Tom!
    This is a fascinating blog and I must say that your photography is amazing! I really liked your intention and I hope to stop by your blog many times. Oh and by the way, thanks for stopping by and liking some of my posts!

  7. Hi, first of all let me congratulate you for the owesome works !! Truly enjoyed !
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  8. Hi Tom, I absolutely agree with your idea behind the blog. Nature truly amazes and inspires. πŸ™‚ Also, thanks for the follow

  9. Thank you for recently “liking” my poem — “Embrace”– which allowed me to find your inspiring blog. Your “Intention” rings true to me — we could all use to spend more time in Nature and remember our deep connection to it. πŸ™‚

  10. Thank you for recently “liking” my poem “Embrace”, which has allowed me to find your inspiring blog. I love your “intention”, which rings so true — we could all use to spend more time in Nature and remember our connection to it!

  11. What a glorious blog!! It’s a breathing space. πŸ™‚
    Wonderful intention!
    Thank you so much for following my blog! I am glad to have found yours!

  12. Tom, thank you for the follow. I just spent some time on your blog and can’t wait to see more. I love the sentiment for your blog. Your images touch the soul. Anna

  13. Hi Tom. I have to admit that i seldom press Follow on a site, i am more of a wanderer in the webworld, seldom hanging my hat, but this blog is beautiful using scant but powerful words, I will follow along with you for a while if I may. cecilia

  14. Excellent photographs Tom. I am enjoying exploring all of your blog; pics and words – I would love to walk in those woods. Thanks for sharing and for visiting my place. Kind regards, Andy

    1. Andy, thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate your kind words and I am glad you enjoyed the blog! Always makes my day to get comments like yours! Thanks much!

  15. Thank you for following me, because it led me to your blog… Gorgeous photos. I’ve followed you back, and am looking forward to reading more πŸ™‚

  16. Your photos are beautiful and your intentions in writing this blog are admirable. Every year I go to a campsite in a river gorge in Southern France where cell phones have no signal. We have made friends there, not least because people talk to each other and children play – not on tablets, but in the river. I’m glad you liked my post ‘First Anniversary and Van Gogh’s Ear’ and thanks for following my blog. All good wishes for 2016.

    1. Thanks so much Megan! Thats mean a lot to me! So glad you enjoy my posts! My aim is to provoke such feelings in people who stumble across the blog! Thanks again, Tom

  17. Wow Thomas! You bring the peace and joy of this world alive enough to calm me down and give me pause. Stunning photos, well matched with great quotes. Thanks for following my blog (and for the likes) because now I have seen yours and will be following and enjoying! Be seeing you soon… πŸ™‚
    All the best – Rob

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