16 thoughts on “Warmth”

  1. Hi Thomas,
    As you are registered as a follower to ‘SeeNorway’ since May 2015, I thought it to be in placce to check on your activity as we haven’t had the pleasure of seeing you since July 20th?
    And during this timespan we have published close to 100 new posts? So – are you still following us? Or should we take you off the list?
    Receiving a 100 alerts which may be of no interest to you only creates irritation.
    That’s not our intentions! Please let us know?!

  2. Sorry to hear about the snow you are having. We went straight from winter to summer with no real spring temps. We were nearly 90s two days ago. My flowers are blooming and fading so fast that I hardly have had time to enjoy them. Here’s hoping that you get your spring soon.

  3. It’s been a long winter for northern Michiganders, that’s for sure. I stared at this glorious photo for a long time…there’s still hope:)

  4. Actually, I’m a little sad to see winter go this year. Well, I guess that’s most years. People will call me crazy, I guess. Don’t get me wrong, I like spring and I’m kinda ready for it.
    There are a lot of things that can be done only in winter. I suppose that holds for the non-winter seasons as well.
    I guess I’ll tolerate it until next snowfall.
    Very springy photos!

    Best regards,


  5. I’ll chime in for Cleveland. We are having completely un-noteworthy gloomy .windy, rainy forty degree weather with a hint of snow forecast that won’t last. i’m ready for Spring, too.

  6. Me too!

    Just the other day I was playing through in my mind the routine of putting the dock in, warming up the bunkhouse, picking up the leaves, and getting the lawn mowed, etc.

    Spring opening is a bit of work but a wonderful change coming out of winter’s slumber.

  7. This weekend was the first warm and mostly sunny spring weekend. We had snow over and after Easter here in Southern Scotland followed by dreich (rainy/grey) weather. So funny how everybody’s mood changes the minute you have over 10 degrees C and a little bit of sunshine.

  8. Tom, I’m feeling the same way in New Hampshire. We got yet another snowstorm last night and today, dumping snow and ice. I thought it was spring here, the temps were getting a bit warmer and I spotted my first robin. I hope this may be the end of winter and spring will really be around the corner! Great pictures!

  9. Yes! We in Minnesota are winter-weary. Lakes and ponds are ice-locked in NW Minnesota, too. We were too far north for the blizzard that struck this weekend (not complaining), but the temps remain cold and winds bitter. Beautiful, beautiful photography…I wait with bated breath for the sounds of spring peepers and influx of migrating songbirds. Hawks are returning in great numbers. Sandhill cranes trill overhead. Trumpeter swans pause on snow-covered ponds. Canada geese herald in the spring with raucous honking encouraging, I think, the weather to take notice and do its spring-thing! I noted water running in some ditches yesterday late-afternoon. Vernal ponds sat open in cultivated fields. I remain hopeful!! Soon your photographs will capture the riot of the new spring!

  10. Lovely photographs. Your mention of loon calls, however, brings back memories of my too seldom nights at a lake cabin and their calls across water lit by moonlight. Wondering if my husband would be open to perhaps finding a lakeside hotel somewhere in Minnesota lakes country. My heart is hungry for that feeling of home, the sounds of loons and waves on the shore. Thank you for these strong memories.

  11. It is one thing that unites us Northerners – whether we are conservative or liberal, right or left, whatever color we are, whatever religion we are or aren’t – by this time of year we’re all ready for Spring!

  12. Whatever the circumstances, I’d be delighted to have those sorts of views to enjoy. As it is, I can only imagine how winter-weary all of you are. May this be the last blast of winter, and may the melt be slow and gentle!

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