The Joy of Living

35 thoughts on “The Joy of Living”

  1. The photos are beautiful; I especially enjoyed the reflections. But I had to smile at the second. That small bunch of vegetation sticking up out of the water looks like it might be saying, “I wanted to explore, but I think I’m a little out of my depth here.”

  2. Those photos take me back to two wonderful journeys, one solo through Oregon on the Pacific Crest Trail, one with friends on the Boundary Waters. Thank you.
    Of course, now I have moved to Scotland, there are closer wilderness experiences too.
    Have a good Winter, Spring is beginning to dream of green…

    1. Thanks much for your comment and I am glad you enjoyed these photographs. Much of the photographs are from Voyageurs National Park which borders the west edge of the Boundary Waters.

  3. Roosevelt loved the wilderness so much that he set aside lots of lands as national places where future generations could come and renew their spirits. The wilderness is a great place to find many treasures that can fill the soul with much joy and splendor. This is why I love to get outdoors every chance that as I can. Love the pics and the words! Thanks Tom. Hope you are having a wonderful winter.

    1. Thanks Miriam for the compliment. I really appreciate it and I am glad that the photographs conjure up the feelings you describe. That is my goal in running this blog and so your comment lets me know that its working : )!

  4. these are lovely, thomas. i love the quote as well. i spend the summer walking my city’s more than 150 parks and i came to appreciate them at a very different level –

  5. Being at the cabin in the north woods this coming summer has filled my head a lot this past winter week. Thank you for this visual journey.

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