The Last Flicker of Fall

22 thoughts on “The Last Flicker of Fall”

  1. Such a gift to be able to watch and be part of the seasons changing with such awesome beauty. You are the eyes to witness it, and remind us of it, for all of us. Much appreciation. 🤝

    1. Unfortunately I do not, though I do wish I had a way to do that and sell them to people who are interested. Sadly, my life as a PhD student takes up almost all my time as it is!

  2. Thanks for these images strongly reflecting what we last saw in our north woods spot before heading back to St. Louis in October.

    The indescribable peace, beauty, and solitude lingers through the winter and draws us back in the spring.

    1. I am glad to hear that these conjure up the feelings of the northwoods for you and I appreciate you checking out the post. The northwoods are a special kind of place!

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