The First Snow

43 thoughts on “The First Snow”

  1. Love the snowy pictures. I, too, am hoping for snow. We have a chance to get some on Friday. You are truly right about the feeling of serenity when walking in the snow covered woods as the fluffy, white flakes transform a gray day into a winter wonderland. Snow makes the woods come alive. The trees take on new shapes. Cardinals and other birds seem more colorful against the backdrop of white. Animal tracks tell the story of a living forest. I am hoping for a very snowy winter to enhance my hiking adventures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. ‘It is as if for a short while I slip into a different, magical world where everything is beautiful, eternal and still, a place where there is just peace. There really is no experience quite like it on earth.’

    Yes! Absolutely! My only sadness is that I can no longer walk in it like I used to, but for all that, I still love snow 🙂

    1. That is amazing that you have never see snow…it is hard for me to believe because I have grown up in areas with snow my whole life! The benefit is once you do see it, you will be in awe. Like I said in the post, there really is nothing else like it.

      1. Then pls pray that I do see it. I live in a city where it is hot all the year round. In winters the temperature drops to max ten degrees not less than that. Even though in the mountains it snows in our country but the city I live in is in a semi desert by the sea

  3. Lovely evocative photos that capture the spirit of your words. Here in Scotland we’ve had the first snows, in temporary thaw , though it fell in less tranquil conditions. Occasionally, we get that silent, heavy snowfall, huge flakes landing with intent, that reminds us that the world is bigger than we are.
    It looks promising for this winter, for the mountains at least.
    Thanks for that.

  4. I live south of Houston. In 2004, what’s still known as The Christmas Miracle arrived on Christmas Eve: inches and inches of snow, all along the coast. There was enough snow to make snow angels. A huge snowman holding a surfboard appeared on the Galveston Seawall. People like me, who grew up in snow, were transported back to childhood, and people who’d never seen it simply stood and stared.

    One of my neighbors, a woman from Norway, was heard talking to her husband in Oslo while standing in the falling snow in bare feet and a nightgown. “It’s like home!” she kept saying. “It’s really like home!”

    A local grocery store chain collected photos from professional and other photographers from all up and down the coast, and turned them into a pair of books. I still have mine, and treasure them. Every year, when it becomes cold, damp, and begins to “smell like snow,” we grow all hopeful again. In the meantime — I’ll enjoy your photos, and dream.

  5. Excellent Tom and I know what you mean, but here in Sardinia we get some snow in the mountains at around 1,000 metres but it only stays a few days. So I have to make do with walking with my dogs in the forest late at night for the sound of silence.

  6. We’ve only had a dusting of snow so far. I’m looking forward to it too! It’s so beautiful and very peaceful! Many family members have moved to warm Florida but we stay up north for the seasons. I love winter until February and then I’m anxious fir spring! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I totally agree…I love having all of the different seasons. Once one season is here, I look forward to the next one. Makes the year constantly full of anticipation!

  7. Nice captures, Tom. I re-posted, earlier this morning, an image I uploaded the end of December 2016. Snow scene with Cardinals.

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