A Store of Wonderful Memories

27 thoughts on “A Store of Wonderful Memories”

  1. Great quote to pair with your gorgeous photography…God is the Master artist and the natural world reveals his glory! Thanks for caring to preserve it.

  2. That’s great and I wish you all the luck. I am different in the sense that basically I had enough of city life and opted out more or less, to live a life doing what I enjoy. Where money is less important. Thank you for replying as most don’t. You have a good post.

    1. Yes, what I am saying is true. I am working on my PhD in wildlife biology and thus have dedicated my life to conserving and researching the natural world. The natural world is sadly neglected often these days and my blog is an attempt to conjure the wonder and joy thats comes from spending time in natural settings.

  3. “This world offers riches,
    But riches grow wings,
    And I don’t take stock
    In such uncertain things.”

    -John Mellencamp

    I’m with Olson.

    Seek peace,


  4. Olson’s quote speaks to me. I think I’ve been an old soul for much of my life and have treasured my intangible blessings. As always your photos make me want to walk into them.

  5. I have a wealth of memories from my travels and living in Asia 17 years, but having a fair amount of money in the twilight years is a good idea too. There’s nothing at all wrong with having both as you age, and that, not one or the other, is knowing how to live. We have to be good to ourselves so we needn’t say, life has been good to me, but I have lived a good life– And note too, that in the end , everything fades, even memories as we return to where we came from, the earth.

    1. You do have a point. Very eloquently said. I guess Sigurd’s viewpoint comes from him loving the wilderness so he did not need too much of material wealth because nature already provides for him.

      1. I love your wonderful posts. It takes you back to a much simpler way of life – greener, more eco-friendly, a commune with nature – despite my reality of the hustle-bustle of city life.

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