Quiet Morning by the Lake

19 thoughts on “Quiet Morning by the Lake”

  1. Beautiful pleasing landscapes… Great colors and reflections!
    However I find the horizon to be slightly tilted.? or my head is tilted this morning? 😀

  2. Looks like you were enjoying a canoe trip. Love the colors. Nothing is so peaceful as stopping to enjoy the colors nature has to provide us. I was able to observe the sky after a recent thunderstorm. To watch the darkness fade to the lovely sky blue of an early morning just was breath taking.

  3. I love how much beauty you captured in this photo. The various colors from the greens and golden yellows of the trees to the stunning blue and white of the sky. The reflection on the water is fantastic. Nature has no need to present its best side in a photo…all of its sides are exquisite. This is truly a phenomenal photo. Thank you so much for sharing xx

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