The Warm Evening Sun

11 thoughts on “The Warm Evening Sun”

  1. First, thank your for the wonderful quote by John Lubbock, it rings so happy and true with me. I love your photos, they are beautiful and serene. A stillness I recognise from lakes in Sweden where I come from.

  2. Today is definitely going to have a warm evening sun. I love this time of year when you can stay outside longer and watch the day change from a beautiful sunset to a starry night.

  3. I particularly enjoyed the photo showing the line of chartreuse growth bisecting the blue of water and sky.

    And I was most taken with the quotation from Lubbock, whom I didn’t know. Being a Texan, of course I thought immediately of Lubbock-the-city, and grew curious. While I can’t say there’s a direct connection, there may be a tangential one. The city was named for a Lubbock who was descended from one Richard Lubbock: born in Norfolk, England in 1766.

    I enjoyed learning about John Lubbock, too. The quotation you include certainly rings true to me.

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