The Last of the Ice

29 thoughts on “The Last of the Ice”

  1. Exquisite indeed! I could hear the sound of the ice before you even mentioned it. Beautiful capture. An oasis in its own right. There is something about being on the water in a kayak (or canoe) And gosh…everything is relative as our lake in AZ is at 68 degrees and FREEZING to me.

  2. Such a lovely way to start out my day! Thank you! Although not to such sights, the photos recall the view from the top of a hill, overlooking a slough in a large pasture with muskrat houses. The muskrats and the ducks and turtles, going about their routines. Still water and reflected clouds and trees.

  3. How fun to be out in a canoe! I am hoping to learn how to kayak later this Spring for I head to Hilton Head Island where I am planning on kayaking in some tidal creeks. You can see a lot of things canoeing like turtles basking on a log or gosslings trailing behind their parents in the water. I am hoping to maybe see some crabs in the tidal creeks, especially the fiddler crabs that look like they are waving “hi” to you. A couple of the state parks I worked at had tidal creeks. We were hoping to do interpretive canoe trips at one of the parks, but it didn’t happen when I was there.

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