The Earth’s Eye

21 thoughts on “The Earth’s Eye”

  1. What beautiful images – you live in a gorgeous part of the world! I enjoyed your wolf photos especially, it must have taken such patience to get them! Thanks for the follow, I have followed you back!

  2. I like your Thoreau quote and the John Muir quote that you used elsewhere on your blog site. Thoreau was known to be quite a different sort of person. He knew Louisa May Alcott (Little Women) and other youth in the Concord area of Massachusetts. He led many youth on outdoor excursions where these youth were allowed to learn more about nature by experiencing first hand.

    Love the colors in your photos. I enjoy viewing such scenery.

  3. Tom, you certainly get the perspective just beautifully. I like all of these, but the first and the second are my favorites. Thanks, Rayn Roberts

  4. Love your blog and photos, and also this Thoreau quote which I wasn’t familiar with. Thanks for your perspective of our beautiful planet.

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