Stars of the Earth

15 thoughts on “Stars of the Earth”

  1. Hey Thomas! Thank you for dropping by and following my blog. I’m so glad you did so or how else was I going to stumble upon yours?!

    Being a mountain girl, this blog of yours and those splendid photos are going to be special for me 🙂

    I could so relate to the introductory quote to your blog. Back in the day in 2011, I was going through a tough time and that’s when nature healed me inside out. It’s almost like I came back a changed person. Nature sure has its ways of bringing you back to life and pumping you just the right amount, preparing you for the world outside.

  2. Wow …if you really look at this …I mean REALLY look at it ….it DOES indeed look like it could be from outer space:)

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